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D_RDragon by ICEMBL
Full and Eclipse Moon Dragon Ying Yang by Mich73b
Celestial Dragons
~ Violet Dusk ~ by SaphireDragon16
Moonlight by Mondfalke
Nebula's Dragon by Marl1nde
Dance of Balance 06 final by rachaelm5
Fire Dragons
Magma Dragon by TsaoShin
Gammerhyde by Bandarai
The lifebinder by rafapm18
raging fire by Marl1nde
Electric Dragons
Vicious Colours by Cyanimus
Storm Dragon by RachelleFryatt
Chinese Ice Storm Dragon by JetHero13
Storm by Dragolisco
Aqua Dragons
Chinese Dragon by arvalis
Quetzal Coils 02 by rachaelm5
VV wm by DaDragonLady
sea dragon by Marl1nde
Cold Dragons
The North Guardian by Sehtego
Depths by susmishious
White Dragon by RadianceDragon
Glaceon by Marl1nde
Earth Dragons
Land Dragon by Tiamatus
Green Dragon by shadee
Geode Dragon by Marl1nde
Neltharion by rafapm18
Plant Dragons
Jade Synergy final by rachaelm5
Young Forest Dragon by BenWootten
The Forest of Orchids by Marl1nde
Pat-a-Pan by rachaelm5
Air Dragons
Dragon Amidamaru Manga Style by Blastu
Restless Intention by rachaelm5
Lac de Sang by Calisaroa
Measuring Rod Ghibli Project - the sequel by LeVerDeTerre
Misc Dragons
Ethiopian Dragon by arvalis
Behane the Dragoness by Behane
C: Fishing Success! by xX-Starduster-Xx
Wyrmwraith by BenWootten
Cave Dragons
2 Dragons Ponder an Attack by Calisaroa
Human Forms
Let's do a little magic.... by Eithniel
Princesses and Dragons
Mother of Dragons by Sandramalie
Mountain Dragons
Warriors and Dragons
St. George's Remorse by FrancescaBaerald
Wizards and Dragons
Polymer Clay Dragons
Dragon gold feather by Azura-Roselion
Dragons in Stained Glass
Dragon by Na1t
Posters with Dragons
Collages with Dragons
Wooden Dragon Collage by Vazpexa
Other Stuff
Hashana Bone Castle by GrimNoxPrincess
Sculptured Dragons
[Comission] Haku Sculpture by RedPersik
Culinary Art Dragons
Dragon Wedding Cake TEST by Grincha


:thumb361801696: Information and list of Dragon breeds for each dragon's element type are located in each gallery folders information section. So be sure to read it carefully to know what dragon breeds go under which element.
:thumb361801696: There will be no fighting on this page at any time. We will act civilized and not stoop so low as to bother with petty arguments. Any and all confrontations will be marked as spam. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!
:thumb361801696: Respect towards your fellow deviants will be shown at all times.
:thumb361801696: If you disagree with what is posted here then you don't have to read or look at it. Leaving snarky and tasteless comments is immature and will not be tolerated. You will be blocked and your comments marked as spam.
:thumb361801696: I will be happy to answer any and all questions if they are done so in an orderly and friendly fashion. Ridicule and patronizing is not allowed. I will ignore you for this and mark your comment as spam.
:thumb361801696: The opinions of this group are not meant in anyway to put down another deviant or question there own knowledge of dragons. The stuff is posted here is simply what the founder has researched and learned about on her own.

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Lot's of myths and legend surround us and probably the most popular of them is the dragon. To some it is merely a beast, others see it as an intelligent being, and still others believe they are real and hiding among us. Whatever your thoughts are on the subject we can all agree that dragon legends number into the thousands. Each society, race, or simple person has their own view of these wonderful creatures. And put's up their own stories about them.

With this group I hope to educate those in the ways of the dragon. For I am the record Keeper and I have saute to maintain the highest knowledge on these remarkable creatures. I have looked through the history of the world and it's cultures to obtain and share with you all of my findings. So please have a seat and browse through my library, submit your own work, and converse with all your other dragon loving members.





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